In 1991 we organised a run of over 50 15/16" jet-fed Phoenix crankshafts (specification). This was the first batch of these cranks to be made in a sensible quantity, and the first time that relatively affordable high-quality Austin 7 crankshafts had been produced since the war. Over the last 25 years, Phoenix cranks have been fitted to virtually every high-performance Austin 7 engine and many standard ones. Their quality and reliability, derived from high-grade British forgings (stronger than machining from a billet) have ensured that they are the obvious choice for anyone rebuilding an A7 engine, from standard road-going to high performance racing specification. We can supply a Phoenix crankshaft to fit any Austin Seven (standard, sports, special and racing). They are manufactured from EN40B 'T', drop-forged, machined, dynamically balanced and nitrided. Six types are available (hover over the bold green numbers for illustrations):

  • BB1BB1 – 11/8" jet-fed: for standard cars 1923 -1928 (mostly with magneto engines).
  • BB45BB45 – 15/16" jet-fed: for standard cars 1928 -1936. Also suitable for Sports & Specials.
  • BB45p – 15/16" pressure-fed: as originally fitted to Ulsters (only available by special order).
  • C1-224C1-224 – 11/2" jet-fed: as originally fitted to the Type 65 and Nippy.
  • C1-224p – 11/2" pressure-fed: for highly-tuned sports and racing cars as originally fitted to the Type 75 / Speedy. They can be made to fit a standard engine, which will have to be modified, e.g. by blanking off the oil jets and fitting a special nosecone.
  • DA945DA945 – 30mm jet-fed for Dixi cars (only available by special order).
  • Rosengart crankshafts can also be supplied (by special order).

Phoenix make con-rodsC1-225 for both the 11/2" and 15/16" cranks. They are manufactured in EN24T, balanced, peened and fitted with ARP bolts. The 11/2" can be produced ready for white-metalling or to take Renault 4 shells; the 15/16" are ready for white-metalling. Both types are intended for use with pistons that take fully-floating gudgeon pins, e.g. C1-87C1-87.

Currently (August 2019) we are awaiting delivery of a batch of crankshafts most of which are spoken for, but there is a reserve list. We are taking orders for the next batch which is estimated to be ready in about March next year. If you have any particular requirements please let us know as soon as possible.

Phoenix A7 Crank