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Page last updated: 16th October 2018

New Lines

BG115sBG115sGrub screws for CAV & Lucas switch panels1923-32.95each
BD67BD67Cable bush & nut1923-31310.20each
BS923BS923Tyre valve cap – plain topAll.65each
BS924BS924Tyre valve cap – slot topAll.65each
BZ951BZ951Debon C300 box van trailer, single braked axle with 2 in 1 combination rear ramp and barn type door; suitable for SWB cars3850.00each
BZ952BZ952Debon C500 box van trailer, twin axles, suitable for LWB cars5220.00each
2K5286Balls for worm bearing (set of 34)1936-3915.60set
BT848BT848Castrol lubrication chart19317.50each
BT849BT849Castrol lubrication chart19387.50each

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Back in Stock

BR13cClick reference number to enlarge
Spring shackles (set c/w grease nipples, nuts & tab washers)All198.40set
BU8BU8Star spring plate1925-391/24.25each
BD197BD197Bottom fan pulley (wide, sports/export)1929-39149.90each
BM197Radius arm waisted bolt, castellated nut & split pinAll14.50set
BD86BD86Battery cable terminalAll2.25each
BT979BT979Valve grinding stickAll12.40each
BL71BL71Brake drum (7" x 11/4")1932-36416.80each
2H1129Angled grease nipple (5/16" BSF for Girling front axle)1936-392.95each
C1-87Click reference number to enlarge
Sports/racing pistons (set of 4) (56.00, 56.50, 56.75, 57.00, 57.25, 57.50, 57.75, 58.00mm. State clamp or floating gudgeon pins)Sports1195.00set

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