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Page last updated: 18th October 2019

New Lines

BL23Wheel stud (EN24) & rivet1923-26124.30each
BG87a1BG87a1Rear indicator lamp (as BG87 but with amber lens)272.70each
BG987sBG987sReplacement clear sleeve for rear lamp1923-3329.80each
BT980dBT980dFootpump (heavy-duty double barrel)All13.60each
BT951Front hub castle nut & early halfshaft nut spannerAll16.80each
BN57Brake cross-shaft centre bearing lockwasher1930-364.50each
2K6154Steering box tab washer (late Ruby)1936-393.40each
BM57/9BM57/9Control levers with bolts & nuts (pair)1923-34136.80pair
BG245aWiring loom (braided outer & braided cables) with wiring for indicators, brake lights & dipping headlamps1934-391169.00each
BD27Fan pulley taper pin1923-2812.70each
9E71u9E71uUlster exhaust manifoldSports1POAeach
2K5257Girling backplate bolt1936-3916.55each
BA1f8Front repair flange (8 hole) c/w screwsAll113.90each
BA26aCylinder block base deep nutAll51.00each
BG115sBG115sGrub screw for CAV & Lucas switch panels1923-32.95each

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Back in Stock

BB46BB46Rear main bearing housing (coil engine)1929-3915.50each
BA18aStarting dog lip seal (modern replacement)1923-2812.40each
B8-34B8-34Choke pull assembly (nickel/chrome)Ulster181.00each
BL23/BO54Wheel stud (EN24) & rivets1927-39124.15each
BB68Front main A/C bearings (RHP; pair)1934-391179.00pair
9E917c9E917cSteering column clamp bracket (Ulster)Sports138.90each
BM74/75Horn button & spring (state nickel or chrome)1925-34125.90each
1A911Cylinder head (high compression)1936-391ea125.00
BN965BN965Brake cable adjuster7.60each
BG980Indicator system (4 lamps [state orange or clear lens] with mounting brackets, 4 bulbs [state 6V or 12V, clear or orange], column mounted switch, flasher/buzzer unit. Suitable for positive or negative earth)All1108.60each
BG984aBG984a12V flasher & buzzer unit18.50each
BD944BD944'Austin Seven' radiator script1934-39125.90each

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