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Page last updated: 12th February 2020

New Lines

BB16sTiming gear ball bearing (sealed; magneto engine)1923-28120.40each
BG149gStippolite headlamp glass1931-3228.40each
BG164gReeded headlamp glass1932-3428.40each
BE913BE913Fuel filler pipe grommet1934-3919.80each
BV990BV990Gordon England door sill plates (pair)195.00pair
BN77aRear brake cable clevis, pin & clampAll211.20each
BT969p9/32" reamerAll124.00each
BL23eWheel stud (EN24) & rivet1923-26124.30each
BG87a1BG87a1Rear indicator lamp (as BG87 but with amber lens)272.70each
BG987sBG987sReplacement clear sleeve for rear lamp1923-3329.80each
BT980dBT980dFootpump (heavy-duty double barrel)All13.60each

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Back in Stock

BW922BW922Rectangular suction mirror, flat glass, swivel adjustment, black plastic back & surround15.80each
BG45Speedo cable 45" (belt-driven)1924-27127.90each
BG922BG9226V 30/24W pre-focus bulbas required5.60each
BD230bBD230bHT lead, yellow/black braided, copper core (per foot)as required1.55foot
BT23aBT23aCanvas tool roll, 12 pockets, 18"x12"All15.50each
BG982BG982Reflector, chrome bezel 2" dia, rear stud fixing211.90each
BB51Rear main roller bearing (15/16)1929-39185.00each
BB46BB46Rear main bearing housing (coil engine)1929-3915.50each
BA18aStarting dog lip seal (modern replacement)1923-2812.40each
B8-34B8-34Choke pull assembly (nickel/chrome)Ulster181.00each
BL23/BO54Wheel stud (EN24) & rivets1927-39124.15each
BB68Front main A/C bearings (RHP; pair)1934-391179.00pair

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