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Page last updated: 30th November 2017

New Lines

BT987BT98727 LED Multilamp (with batteries)All15.40each
BT986BT986Mechanics stethoscope8.20each
BG310gHeadlamp glass (Ruby, etc)34-39251.90each
BV970Door handle (Chummy)26-30251.90each
BM88Track rod end clamp boltAll1.45each
1A920Big end bolt (shell-bearing)37-3985.15each
BC29rCylinder head gasket (Ricardo head)Special136.00each
C1-209C1-209Sliding roof fastener34-39130.50each
BD202Starting handle shaft (71/8")31-32123.40each
BA935BA935Crankcase fibre washer set (magneto/coil)All12.15set
BH17Gear-lever gate screw23-293.85each
BH85BH85Clutch pedal shaft taper pinAll21.45each

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Back in Stock

BR13Click reference number to enlarge
Spring shackles (c/w grease nipples, nuts & tab washers; axle set)All1103.70set
BC901Cylinder linerAll419.50each
C1-87Click reference number to enlarge
Sports/racing pistons (set) (56.00, 56.50, 56.75, 57.00, 57.25, 57.50, 57.75, 58.00mm. State clamp or floating gudgeon pins)Sports1225.00set
BM24rBM24rRaked steering box (state Ulster or Cup)Sports1245.00each
BB1Click reference no. to enlarge
Phoenix crankshaft, 11/8" jet-fed23-291865.00each
BT973BT973Blue Hylomar (tube)6.60each
BA75fSump filter frameAll14.50each
BB15aFront main A/C (alternative to ball & roller; pair)23-342154.00pair

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