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Page last updated: 16th August 2017

New Lines

BG310gHeadlamp glass (Ruby, etc)34-392ea51.90
BV970Door handle (Chummy)26-302ea51.90
BM88Track rod end clamp boltAll1ea.45
1A920Big end bolt (shell-bearing)37-398ea5.15
BC29rCylinder head gasket (Ricardo head)Special1ea36.00
C1-209C1-209Sliding roof fastener34-391ea30.50
BD202Starting handle shaft (71/8")31-321ea23.40
BA935BA935Crankcase fibre washer set (magneto/coil)All1set2.15
BM123BM123Radius arm ball jointAll1ea84.00
BH17Gear-lever gate screw23-293ea.85
BH85BH85Clutch pedal shaft taper pinAll2ea1.45
BG988BG988Bracket for rear lamp23-341/2ea10.40
BG88BG88'Bacon slicer' starter motor switch23-291ea30.50

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Back in Stock

BB15aFront main A/C (alternative to ball & roller)23-342pair154.00
2H7784Wiper blade 8" long, rubber peg fixingAll1ea6.95
BL100Front hub cap26-392ea4.90
BC35BC35Valve chest cover, early23-301ea22.50
1A41151A4115Brake drum (Girling)36-394ea40.80
BG105BG105Dynamo housing (coil engine)28-391ea22.50
BB52BB52Starting nut (starter dog)30-391ea14.30
BW914Top windscreen end clips (Chummy/Tourer; nickel/chrome)2ea5.90
BC32cValve springs, singleAll8set7.80
BT811BT811A Guide to Building Reproduction Austin Ulsters (Chris Gould)ea30.80
BD219BD219Starting handle shaft (77/8")32-341ea23.40
BM68Brake pedal shaft taper washer23-361ea6.30
3A51433A5143Sliding roof handle34-391ea12.90
C1-224Click reference number to enlarge
Phoenix crankshaft, 11/2" jet-fedSports1ea795.00

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