In 1991 we organised a run of over 50 15/16" jet-fed Phoenix crankshafts (specification). This was the first batch of these cranks to be made in a sensible quantity, and the first time that relatively affordable high-quality Austin 7 crankshafts had been produced since the war. Over the last 25 years, Phoenix cranks have been fitted to virtually every high-performance Austin 7 engine and many standard ones. Their quality and reliability, derived from high-grade British forgings (stronger than machining from a billet) have ensured that they are the obvious choice for anyone rebuilding an A7 engine, from standard road-going to high performance racing specification. We can supply a Phoenix crankshaft to fit any Austin Seven (standard, sports, special and racing). They are manufactured from EN40B 'T', drop-forged, machined, dynamically balanced and nitrided. Six types are available (hover over the bold green numbers for illustrations):

  • BB1BB1 – 11/8" jet-fed: for standard cars 1923 -1928 (mostly with magneto engines).
  • BB45BB45 – 15/16" jet-fed: for standard cars 1928 -1936. Also suitable for Sports & Specials.
  • BB45p – 15/16" pressure-fed: as originally fitted to Ulsters (only available by special order).
  • C1-224C1-224 – 11/2" jet-fed: as originally fitted to the Type 65 and Nippy.
  • C1-224p – 11/2" pressure-fed: for highly-tuned sports and racing cars as originally fitted to the Type 75 / Speedy. They can be made to fit a standard engine, which will have to be modified, e.g. by blanking off the oil jets and fitting a special nosecone.
  • DA945DA945 – 30mm jet-fed for Dixi cars (only available by special order).
  • Rosengart crankshafts can also be supplied (by special order).

Phoenix make con-rodsC1-225 for both the 11/2" and 15/16" cranks. They are manufactured in EN24T, balanced, peened and fitted with ARP bolts. The 11/2" can be produced ready for white-metalling or to take Renault 4 shells; the 15/16" are ready for white-metalling. Both types are intended for use with pistons that take fully-floating gudgeon pins, e.g. C1-87C1-87.

Currently (October 2019) we are sending out our latest batch of crankshafts; most of these were spoken for, however we have a couple of the 15/16" jet-fed ones available. Phoenix are now under new management so the future supply of these top-quality cranks is assured.

Phoenix A7 Crank