A7 Components Ltd was set up in 2003 by David Cochrane to organise the design and manufacture of improved steering arms but soon branched out into other Austin Seven spare parts. In 2006 we organised the manufacture of a range of high-quality, affordable spiral bevel crown-wheel & pinions, and the following year we started supplying a comprehensive range of new spare parts for virtually any model of pre-war Austin Seven. Our latest projects are replacement Hardy-Spicer propshafts and various types of halfshafts & rear outer hubs. Many of our parts (e.g. the Ricardo cylinder head and sports pistons) are very popular with owners keen on competition, whether in trials, sprints, hill-climbs or racing.

David Cochrane has been interested in vintage cars for as long as he can remember, being fortunate enough to have had one grandmother who owned a 2-litre Lagonda and another who was once driven round Brooklands by Raymond Mays. His late uncle, Shaun de Salis, had left a 1925 Chummy, which David got going when he was 16 and has been driving ever since. His first foray into getting things made was to organise the production of a large quantity of Phoenix splash-fed crankshafts in 1990/91, which enabled Phoenix to invest in the proper tooling. Other ventures included Chummy silencers to the correct pattern and leather fan-belts for magneto engines. David also looks after the Pram Hood Register on behalf of the Austin 7 Clubs Association.

David and Ilke Cochrane and their 1925 Chummy

Ilke Cochrane is our web-designer and linguist, and is responsible for this website and the administration of the business. Her language skills are stretched to the limit when having to talk technical to A7 owners in other parts of Europe (although she's OK on the chit-chat).

You can browse our catalogue and gallery to find the right spares for your Austin 7, or contact us if you would like help and advice in finding the parts you need. And if you prefer to do your browsing away from the computer, you can download a printable version of our catalogue here.

David Cochrane and Nigel Coulter in their trials Chummy
Photo: Don Stringer

We have found that it isn't only Austin Seven enthusiasts who want our bits. As well as spares for the Dixi, Rosengart and Bantam, we have also supplied parts for a 1920 Rover 8, a 1922 GN, a 1922 Lagonda, a 1924 Scott Super Squirrel, a 1926 Galloway, a 1926 Clyno 12/28, a 1927 Rolls-Royce Twenty, a 1928 Amilcar CGSS, a 1929 Morgan, a 1929 Peugeot 190s "boulanger"Auster aeroplane, a 1931 Wolseley Hornet Special, a 1933 Standard Nine, a 1934 Morris Eight, a 1936 Austin 18 ChalfontAustin 18, the Caesar Special, a 1949 Reliant 'Girder Fork' VanReliant Girder Fork Van, a 1949 Swallow Gadabout, a 1950s Velocette, a 1951 Reliant Regent and a 1960 Reliant Regal, a 1960 Ford Trials Special, a Matchless Silver Hawk, a Lotus 7, a Lotus 11 and even a boat and a 1946 AusterAuster aeroplane aeroplane!