Back axle parts

We can supply virtually everything you might need to rebuild a back axle. This includes high-quality, British-made crown wheel & pinion sets, halfshafts and rear hubs, branded bearings, gaskets, keys, lockwashers, etc.

Crown wheel & pinions

Our sixth batch of new spiral bevel crown wheel & pinion sets, suitable for practically any model of Austin Seven, is now available. As well as the standard ratios listed below, we can supply non-standard ratios to order.

  • 4.9:1 (7/8" dia long pinion shaft, early or late crown-wheel) to fit pre-1929 cars
  • 4.9:1 (1" dia long pinion shaft) to fit 1929 -1930 cars
  • 4.9:1 (1" dia short pinion shaft) to fit 1930 -1931 cars
  • 5.25:1 (short pinion shaft) for post-1931 cars; with or without the 11/8" shoulder behind the pinion gear (as fitted from November 1934)
  • 5.67:1 (short pinion shaft) for sports / trials / racing cars
These new crown-wheel & pinions have several advantages over the original ones:
  • thicker teeth, therefore stronger
  • improved material and production techniques
  • greater tolerance to deflection (pinion support is notoriously weak on Austin 7s)
  • fully machined, therefore better balanced
  • easier to fit and set up
A full specification, together with fitting notes for the 5.67 (other ratios are similar) can be downloaded here.


New high-quality halfshafts, made from EN36B case-hardening steel, are now available in the following types:

  • short – 221/4" x 0.875" dia, standard taper, 1923-30
  • short – 221/4" x 0.890" dia, standard taper, 1930-31
  • long – 231/2" x 0.890" dia, standard taper, 1931-38
  • short – 0.890" dia, extended taper, Special
  • long – 0.890" dia, extended taper, Special


We also supply new hubs to fit standard taper halfshafts, as well as hubs for the extended taper halfshafts. All our hubs are made from EN24T.