Steering arms

In 2002 the problem of cracked and broken steering arms was a hot topic in Austin 7 magazines and on the internet. It was very difficult to get hold of any used ones that weren't cracked, and no-one was supplying new ones. The following year, A7 Components Ltd was set up by David Cochrane to organise the design and manufacture of improved steering arms. Drawing on his background as a Quality Engineer and experience gained on previous projects, he was able to find a solution to a potentially serious problem. A comprehensive technical article was written about the project and published in the quarterly magazine of the Austin Seven Clubs Association (A7CA) issue 2004B. As can be seen from the article, the highest practicable quality was used at all stages of the project, and in order to maintain traceability these arms are only available from A7 Components.

Steering ArmThese redesigned steering arms (specification), forged and machined in Britain by ISO 9001 approved companies, are intended for use on any standard Austin Seven and a fifth batch is now available. The price has been held at £75 each, which includes a new half-nut & lock-washer and comprehensive fitting instructions. A differentsteering arm for lowered suspension steering arm which is more suitable for cars with lowered suspension is also available, at the same price.