Check what's new in our range of Austin Seven spare parts and what's back in stock.

Page last updated: 15th October 2020

New Lines

BL7/8BL7/8Kingpin bushes, Austin (pair)1923-3626.60pair
BT810BT810Austin Seven Specials (Bill Williams)36.00each
BE103aBE103aPetrol tap adaptor (tap not included)1930-32126.90each
BW984BW984Battery fixing strap1934-39143.20each
BU64Rear shock absorber arms (short; pair)1934-39238.90pair
BB16sTiming gear ball bearing (sealed; magneto engine)1923-28120.40each
BG149gStippolite headlamp glass1931-3228.40each
BG164gReeded headlamp glass1932-3428.40each
BE913BE913Fuel filler pipe grommet1934-3919.80each

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Back in Stock

BL76/77BL76/77Brake cams (pair)1923-36229.20pair
BM114Radius arm nutAll2each
BR77BR77Spring U-bolt (rear)All216.20each
BD1sStarting handle brass sleeveAll111.00each
BV943Hood pivot pins & nuts (pair)1923-26141.00pair
BV944Hood pivot pins & nuts (pair)1926-34141.00pair
BA107Oil pump vanes (pair)All125.30pair
BP119aBP119aCardan joint cover (rubber)1923-3315.20each
BL9cBL9cKingpin set (kingpins, bushes, thrust washers, cotters, etc)1923-36144.70set
BG987sBG987sReplacement clear sleeve for rear lamp1923-3329.80each

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