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Page last updated: 27th September 2021

New Lines

BL40s/BO51sBL40s/BO51sHub bearing (taper bore – sealed)1923-26257.90each
BC19pBC19pTop water outlet repair plate & screwsas required11.90each
BM69BM69Taper washer locating plate1923-3411.45each
BT974BT974Rain-X windscreen rain repellentAll6.90each
BG65'Bacon slicer' starter Bendix housing bush1923-2924.35each
BT902BT9028 BSF/BSW sockets (set)All116.90set
BB52BB52Starting nut (starting dog)1931-39124.30each
BT871Identifying Austin Sevens from their Factory Initials (Graham Baldock)7.90each

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Back in Stock

BW902BW902Seal between top and bottom glass (Chummy/Tourer; 3 ft)1923-326.60each
BG262Click reference no. for photograph
Front sidelight (Ruby)1934-39255.40each
BG197gBG197gReplacement glass for 'pork-pie' lamp1933-3911.10each
BN965BN965Brake cable adjuster9.90each
BG941BG9417A 1" glass fuse.60each
BT973BT973Blue Hylomar (tube)5.90each
BT979BT979Valve grinding stickAll12.70each
BG139tBG139tStraight push-in terminal for coil or distributor cap1928-3912.20each
BO128Halfshaft (short, .890" journal)19312205.00each
BO136Halfshaft (long)1931-382205.00each
BE210dBE210dAC petrol pump Model T diaphragm1934-39110.70each
BL40/BO51BL40/BO51Hub bearing (taper bore)1923-26253.50each
BL72Brake shoe (7" x 11/4")1932-35819.90/td>each
BL53BL53Brake drum (7" x 1")1926-32423.00each

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